Home Health Concerns

It’s a fact, the trapped air we breathe in our homes can be loaded with dust, pollen spores and other pollutants. In many cases, it’s worse than the air outside. This is especially true if you are one of the 40 million allergy sufferers in North America. This, combined with the fact that we spend 90% of our time indoors, makes air quality a major concern.

Improving Indoor Air Quality

Standard filters trap only 15% of pollutants. An upgraded filter will not only remove these pollutants, it will also protect your heating & cooling equipment and keep your home cleaner. D & D carries many different brands of filtration products in sizes and prices to meet you individual needs and provide you with a more comfortable environment.

Humidification Products.

More and more homeowners today realize that, during the winter months, they live in a “sick” house. Family members suffer from dry, itchy skin, parched throats and annoying coughs. Furniture creaks, floors moan, the piano slips out of tune and static buildup zaps the cat. In general, everyone feels miserable because they’re living with dry air, a condition often worse than living in the Sahara Desert!

Proper home humidification, on the other hand, reduces static electricity, revitalizes dry skin and soothes scratchy throats. It adds moisture to dry, cracked furniture and wilting houseplants. It protects valuable artwork, antiques, and musical instruments. It even saves money on winter heating bills because properly humidified air feels warmer, allowing homeowners to turn their thermostats down a few degrees. D & D can size and install the humidifier of your choice to provide you with a more comfortable environment. Other items such as electrostatic air cleaners, filters, energy-saving thermostats, and water heaters are also available.