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D&D Heating & Cooling: A/C Installation in Alburtis, PA

Are you frustrated with your old air conditioning system because you had to deal with frequent repairs and uneven cooling? Maybe it’s time to call for an expert to install a brand new A/C in your home. It is an expensive investment, but if it’s for the sake of your comfort during the summer and it’s all worth it.

When looking for a new A/C, we know you only want the best. We’ve made things easier for you, so continue reading.

What You Should Know Before Buying an A/C

Here’s an A/C buying guide in case you have decided to invest in a new cooling system.

Size of the Room

Choose an air conditioner with the appropriate cooling capability for the size of your space. It would not be able to have proper dehumidification if it is larger. On the other hand, a unit with too high a cooling capacity for the room will switch off and on more frequently. Lastly, a smaller system will cost you more in terms of energy demand if it is smaller.


It is essential to correctly install the air conditioning system to get the best out of it. Ascertain that the system is assembled by qualified technicians or purchased from an approved service center, leaving little room for errors. The efficiency of an air conditioner is determined by how well it is installed.

Noise Levels

The product requirements for each air conditioner provide a noise standard of activity. The noise levels can ideally be less than 50 decibels. An air conditioner that makes a lot of noise will disrupt your sleep and the sleep of your neighbors.

Energy Quality

Air conditioners are accredited by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), which has developed star ratings for energy efficiency (BEE). Both air conditioners should have an energy-efficiency sticker with stars to indicate how efficient they are. The higher the number of stars, the better. A/Cs with higher star scores use less energy, which means you’ll save money on your energy bill in the long term.

Inverter Technology 

An inverter air conditioner is worth investing in for continuous and better ventilation as well as energy conservation. Inverter air conditioners are a bit more costly than standard air conditioners. But with one-third less power usage than non-inverter air conditioners, the extra cost is offset by nearly two years of lower energy bills. Brands are now developing dual inverter arrays, which aid in improved cooling and precise energy management.

Air Quality

It’s important to consider indoor air quality when installing air conditioners at home since using an A/C with a decent filter is critical for improving indoor air quality. Air filters are also used in most air conditioners, which kill odors, smoke, and germs from the air. A decent filter not only guarantees clear air but also improves AC cooling output and productivity by stopping dust from clogging the evaporator coil.

Let Us Install Your New A/C in Alburtis, PA

At D&D Heating & Cooling, we will quickly install the latest air conditioning unit in your home. Our professionals have years of experience building different types of cooling equipment in Alburtis, PA, ensuring that homeowners have the cooling comfort they need in the summer. You’ll achieve the perfect comfort rate in your home with our high-quality services.

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