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Unsure whether to get a new A/C installation in Bethlehem, PA, or just repair your old unit? Some people may think that keeping their old A/C will save them money compared to buying a new one. But if you consider it, installing a new system can save you more cash in the long run. D&D Heating & Cooling can help you assess the situation and recommend the best solution when it comes to your A/C replacement needs.

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How Can a New A/C Save You Money?

How can you not run your air conditioner if the summer is at its peak? We all know that it can get hot in Pennsylvania during summer, usually reaching up to 95 ° F. With this, you need a well-functioning A/C to keep you comfortable and lower your cooling costs.

Installing a new unit might be the solution if your existing equipment runs problematic or is old enough. Here’s how a new system can save you money:

Reduce Monthly Utility Bills

Older A/Cs aren’t as energy efficient as newer models. You know that you need a new one when you see a dramatic spike in your power bills. However, sometimes the increase isn’t that noticeable.

In some cases, the increments are slow and steady. Sometimes it will feel like the power company is slowly raising their power rates every month. However, you may already have a hunch as to the real culprit: your old equipment.

Older units need more power to operate at optimum levels since they’re no longer as efficient as they used to. Getting a new A/C can save you a minimum of $200 each year—and more in the long run as a whole.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

Old A/C units tend to require more and frequent maintenance as time goes by. In worst-case scenarios, you may even end up buying new parts every now and then just to keep it running.

In such situations, your technician may even suggest that you get a new A/C installation in Bethlehem, PA to save yourself from the trouble.

Available Incentives and Rebates

Air conditioning manufacturers offer rebates and incentives for their customers who upgrade their systems to the newer models. In some cases, even the federal government may even award you these incentives since you help protect the environment by installing a highly efficient system at home.

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Getting a new A/C is a significant investment since you’re spending your hard-earned money on the purchase. So you should get the best deal for a new system when you’re in the market. Don’t let this investment go to waste just because you’ve chosen the wrong system.

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