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Comprehensive Heat Pump Repair Service in Bethlehem, PA

D&D Heating & Cooling: Heat Pump Repair in Bethlehem, PA

We cannot tell winter to stop dragging the temperature down when our heat pump stops working. Similarly, you can’t tell your heat pump to behave and stay functional throughout the cold season or at least leave you with a sign when something is about to break down. 

You may not have control over winter nor heat pump breakdowns, but you have the power and freedom to call our team at D&D Heating & Cooling. What can we do for you? Well, we offer a comprehensive heat pump repair service in Bethlehem, PA. We could fix your heat pump problems so you could have a warm space for winter. Call us today!   

At D&D Heating & Cooling, we do more than just heat pump and furnace repair. Our heating services also include furnace and heat pump replacement, installation, maintenance, and emergency service. We can install any brand or model of heating system in your home in Lehigh Valley.

Common Heat Pump Problems You May Encounter

Many things could go wrong with your heat pump fails and you skip professional heat pump repair in Bethlehem, PA. Here are the signs your heat pump is failing and need expert attention:

The outdoor unit is frozen

Bethlehem experiences a chilly winter for months. This season causes problems like frozen outdoor coils. When you set the heat pump to heat mode, the outdoor coil will function as an evaporator.

Since this coil is usually placed outdoors, it is common for a layer of frost to develop on the unit. Hence, it is essential to run a defrost cycle. Otherwise, the ice build-up may block the unit entirely. It can result in all sorts of problems, but they are repairable as long as you contact a professional technician right away.

Electrical failure

A heat pump is an electrical device; it uses electricity to power the fan motors and compressors. Hence, it is pretty common to encounter the need for heat pump repairs due to electrical failures.

Dealing with anything related to electricity requires utmost care. A mishap may result in fatal electrocution. It would be much safer to hire an expert who knows heat pumps best.

Refrigerant leaks 

A heat pump somehow functions like an A/C. It uses the flow of a refrigerant to transfer heat. Refrigerant is an indispensable heat pump component. Without it, the heat pump will not operate. So when there is a refrigerant leak, anticipate further problems like getting the compressor damaged.

You can fix a leakage by just sealing it up. Of course, there may be a need for a refrigerant recharge. Remember, however, that refrigerant can pose a health risk if not correctly handled. So it’s best to leave the repair to certified technicians. 

Reversing valve failure

The reversing valve in a heat pump allows you to switch between “cooling mode” and “heating mode.” Getting stuck in either of the modes is one of the problems that this component commonly experiences.

It could get stuck for an unknown reason, so a professional technician will need to open the valve and slide reset. The problem can also be due to bad solenoids. Regardless of the cause of the reversing valve’s failure, it would be best if you let professionals take care of the problem for you.

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D&D Heating & Cooling’s goal is to make every household and office in Bethlehem comfortable by providing reliable HVAC services. To ensure that we can deliver quality heat pump repair in Bethlehem, PA, we perform a thorough assessment of your unit to find and fix the source of the problem. 

Need quality heat pump repair in Bethlehem, PA? Let D&D Heating & Cooling handle the job. Contact us at 610-965-0990.