Alburtis' A/C Specialists Enumerate the Causes of an A/C Compressor Failure

Alburtis' A/C Specialists Enumerate the Causes of an A/C Compressor Failure

What Causes an A/C Compressor to Fail?

There are some possible causes for your A/C compressor to stop running. Fortunately, you can prevent these problems before they take a turn for the worse and affect your indoor air quality in Alburtis, PA. We’re here to provide suggestions that will help you prevent your A/C compressor from any potential harm.

Understanding How a Compressor Works

An air conditioner’s compressor operates in two ways: It compresses the refrigerant molecules and acts as a pump to circulate the refrigerant in your system. When the refrigerant hits the evaporator inside your home, it collects the heat and converts it to gas. The compressor squeezes and heats the gas even further, transforming it into a molten liquid then cooled by the condenser coil outside.

As the refrigerant returns to the evaporator to repeat the cycle, friction at the expansion valve is lowered, enabling the refrigerant to consume heat more quickly and transform into a gas. If your compressor is damaged or there’s leakage, it will hinder the operation.

Why Did My Cooling System's Compressor Stop Working?

If your compressor is not operating correctly as it should, the first thing you can do is inspect the power supply. Your system could have easily unplugged itself, or there could be a more critical issue at hand.

If you don’t know how to inspect it, you can always ask for an A/C expert to do it for you instead. A licensed service technician will perform a more thorough evaluation of your residential HVAC compressor in Alburtis, PA. You can have your system checked if a fuse is blown, the circuit breaker is tripped, the air filter is dirty, or the thermostat is running faulty. A/C compressors can also fail with clogged filters.

What Are the Most Common Causes of AC Compressor Failure?

Knowing what is wrong with your A/C compressor will help you assess the cost of maintenance and how to avoid similar issues in the future. The following are some of the most commonly known causes of A/C compressor failure:

Regular air conditioner maintenance is essential for detecting and correcting the issues that cause these red flags and avoiding potential A/C compressor failures!

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