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D&D Heating & Cooling: Indoor Air Quality In Lehigh Valley, PA

At D&D Heating & Cooling, we offer a complete range of indoor air quality (IAQ) solutions designed to improve the quality of the air you and your loved ones breathe. Our IAQ solutions are custom designed to meet your unique needs for surfaces and airs by eliminating dust, pollen, dust, mold spores, bacteria, and viruses.

Our D&D team can evaluate your home and then recommend and provide products and services that will effectively improve your environment. We offer indoor air quality testing and a wide range of IAQ products, such as air purifiers, UV lamps, and humidifiers.


After testing your indoor air, your local D&D technician will work closely with you to determine the steps needed. We can recommend changing your air filters, cleaning your duct, regulating humidity levels, or installing IAQ products, like humidifiers, air purifiers, and UV lamps.


We install a wide variety of humidifiers for numerous applications, such as offices, hospitals, laboratories, and residential buildings. Our easy-to-install humidifiers come with excellent customer service, low-maintenance, and product warranties to help you achieve a healthy and safe indoor environment. Contact us today and choose from our wide selection of high-quality humidifiers.


UV lights purify the air by eliminating bacteria and mold, providing an ultimate cleaning effect on your HVAC system. UV lamps emit a light that kills the DNA makeup of contaminants. Installing a UV lamp provides multiple benefits, like a healthier home, improved air quality, and reduced energy costs. Contact us to learn more about how UV lights can improve your indoor air quality.


Our air purifiers can significantly improve and maintain your indoor air quality throughout your indoor space. These systems are a good fit for your existing HVAC systems, but they should be carefully installed. Count on us at D&D Heating & Cooling to install and service your air filters today!


Our company slogan, “Your Comfort Is Our Concern“, provides a concise summary of our business philosophy. Both builders and homeowners can be assured that when we tackle an installation or any kind of HVAC job, it will be done right the first time and on budget.

Contact us today if you need improved indoor air quality!

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