How Does Your Home's Foundation Affect Heating Efficiency?

How Does Your Home’s Foundation Affect Heating Efficiency?

Many homeowners struggle to minimize heating costs while maximizing indoor comfort at the same time. There are untold factors that contribute to efficiency problems – one of which is your home’s foundation.

Are You Experiencing Inefficiency With A New Heating System?

When your utility bills are high, what’s the first thing you blame? Maybe you think your heating system is the culprit, but can inefficiency occur with new equipment?

Inefficiency may not be due to your new heating system consuming more energy but could be because of factors like a damaged home foundation that affect your equipment’s operation. The efficiency of your HVAC system can depend on how your home was constructed, so you should schedule a professional home inspection before the heating installation takes place.

Damaged Home Foundation Contributes to Inefficient Heating

If your home’s foundation is damaged, much of the heated air will leak out through the cracks, giving the cold outdoor air the passageway to seep in. This results in ineffective heating which makes it harder to conserve energy and keep your space comfortable. But the good news is there are effective ways for you to shore up efficiency and comfort regardless of your home’s foundation.

Sealing those cracks around windows and doors will ensure the heated air stays inside. Also, don’t forget to give attention to your home’s foundation. If it is riddled with cracks, patch it immediately or call your local contractor.

Common Home Foundation Problems that Affect Your Heating Unit

Spotting the problems in your home’s foundation is easy. If your floors are sloping or aren’t on the right level, it might be a sign that your foundation has a problem which can make it more difficult for your heating system to work correctly.

Also, when your home’s structure shifts, openings like doors and windows might get cracked which results in ineffective heating.

Lastly, a foundation in disrepair can separate the ducts and cause an imbalance in the heating system, resulting in poor air circulation inside your home.

Expert HVAC Services in Lehigh Valley, PA

While you should contact a structural engineer to evaluate your home and foundation, you should also call an HVAC company to inspect your heating system.

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