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D&D Heating & Cooling: Indoor Air Quality in Bethlehem, PA

While there’s not much you can do to reduce outdoor pollution, you can have more control over your indoor air quality. Minimizing indoor air pollution offers numerous health benefits and it’s worth the work to accomplish it.

At D&D Heating and Cooling, we’re one with the goal of maintaining clean and breathable indoor air quality in Bethlehem, PA. We provide dependable IAQ solutions for homes and businesses to make sure that every occupant can breathe fresh and clean air no matter the season. Our licensed and well-trained technicians will thoroughly evaluate your home and recommend the best products and services that can improve your IAQ.

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Ways to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

There are lots of things you have at home that could be contaminating your indoor air, such as chemical-based cleaners, hair sprays, smoke from cooking, and dust. But, there are simple yet effective ways to keep your IAQ at its utmost level.

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Vacuuming Isn’t Too Much—Do It Often!

In high-traffic areas like the living area, vacuuming the rugs and carpets is necessary to be done like three to four times a week. Dusting or vacuuming is strongly recommended especially if you live with your furry pets at home. Cleaning is where you should start with your efforts of maintaining a clean indoor air.

Let the Fresh Air In

Nothing feels better than the touch of fresh air on your skin. If the weather is fine, you can turn off your A/C for a short time, open the windows, and let the fresh air in. Doing this eliminates the need for running your air purifiers—even for just a few hours.

Control Moisture in Your Homes

In some instances, moisture is good, but excess moisture is never good. Too much moisture causes mold to build up in some areas of your home—and it won’t be ideal for your indoor air. When breathe, mold may have harmful effects to your health in one way or another.  

Go Natural!

Why use natural cleaning products? Because it’s environment-friendly! Many cleaning products today are known to cause environmental destruction. So instead of buying one, you should one with the movement of saving the planet and choose biodegradable and non-toxic products. This way, you’re not just keeping your indoor air clean, but you’re also helping the nature gets into shape.  

Do a General Cleaning

Consider a weekly schedule of general cleaning in your home. Like your HVAC system, your place also needs frequent cleaning for dust particles and other air pollutants to be washed out. It will not just maintain the air quality, but your well-being as well.

And when we say general cleaning, it includes washing the linens and sofa covers, dusting, de-cluttering, etc.

These are just few smart moves that can help improve your indoor air quality in Bethlehem, PA. Following these tips won’t take so much of your time and effort.

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