5 Furnace Maintenance Tips For The Fall

5 Furnace Maintenance Tips For The Fall

Is your furnace ready for the winter? If not, then you’re probably searching for efficient ways to prepare your heating system before the extreme weather comes.

You’re lucky D&D Heating & Cooling is here to tell you the five (5) maintenance tips for your furnace this fall. Keep reading below!

Mind Your Filters

An air filter may seem simple when you put it in your furnace, but it plays a vital role in your system’s performance and your health and comfort. Don’t let your furnace run without checking and replacing the air filter. As a rule of thumb, you should replace your filter at least once every three months or whenever needed.

Start Your Maintenance Earlier

No one wants to sit in a cold home, braving the freezing temperature due to a failing heating system. But by staying proactive on your heating maintenance, you can avoid the possibility of discomfort in the winter. Scheduling the service as early as fall will ensure your system works in peak performance, resulting in uninterrupted comfort and a safer home when the cold weather comes.  

Re-calibrate Your Thermostat

The coming of the new season means you’ll be switching from A/C to your heating system. Does this have something to do with your thermostat? Definitely, YES! Your thermostat is the one regulating your indoor temperature, so make sure to set it correctly based on the current weather condition. Also, it best to check and replace its battery with a new one.

Clean Your Duct

If you are using ductwork at home, have it checked and cleaned this fall to ensure no harmful airborne contaminants are blowning in your rooms. Your duct might have collected a lot of dirt and debris during the dusty summer—and they can be pushed into your living space without your notice. 

Schedule a Professional Maintenance

When it comes to your furnace maintenance, professional help is always needed to get the best results. Although there are tasks that you can do yourself, heavy jobs like a tune-up, electrical adjustment, repair, and others should be done by the pros. Your trusted HVAC company can provide a complete system tune-up this fall to prepare your heating system for the winter.

Maintaining your furnace as early as the fall season makes a difference in your comfort, safety, and savings. You don’t need to worry about surprise breakdowns or high heating costs because your equipment is maintained well and fully prepared for the harsh weather conditions.

Now, if you re positive that your furnace can’t keep up with your heating demands due to its current condition, then call the pros. Our D&D Heating & Cooling team is here to give expert maintenance services in Lehigh Valley, PA, and the surrounding areas. Contact us now!