Benefits of Installing a Custom HVAC System for New Building

Benefits of Installing a Custom HVAC System for New Building

Building a new commercial space in Lehigh Valley, PA is not an easy task. You will be faced with a number of big decisions to make the building more comfortable and safer for your occupants. For this reason, installing a custom HVAC system can be the best way to go.

Our team at D&D Heating and Cooling provides design and build services to match your comfort demands with the equipment to be installed in your space. Continue reading to know the benefits of installing a custom HVAC for your newly constructed building.

Balanced Air Delivery

Your HVAC contractor can help determine the optimal size, placement, and location of ductwork during the construction process to allow balanced air pressure between return and supply channels. This can help you avoid future issues that might happen due to improperly designed and leaky ductwork.

Fresh, Safe and Healthy Working Environment

With custom installation, you can definitely achieve a fresh, safe, and clean working space. Together with your heating and cooling system, your HVAC contractor can also include ventilators and humidifiers to improve indoor air quality. Be sure to implement these cost-effective solutions to keep all harmful airborne elements at bay.

State-of-the-Art Heating and Cooling System

A custom HVAC system installation allows you to enjoy the benefits offered by the latest technological advancements in the industry. This will include air conditioners and heaters that automatically adjust their operation to meet your occupants’ changing comfort demands. Also, smart and programmable control systems are available for a seamless temperature setting.

Right Size for Your New Building

It is important that you get the right size of the HVAC system for your space for long-term efficiency and comfort. With custom HVAC installation, all factors are considered, including the number of windows, rooms, and occupants, the size of your space, the climate, and more. We provide an expert site assessment and product recommendation to find the system suited for your building.

Reasonable Utility Cost

New HVAC systems are far efficient compared to old and out-dated models. They have SEER, HSPF, and AFUE ratings that help you control your utility bill every month. When installing a new air conditioning or heating unit for new structures, talk to your trusted contractor in Lehigh Valley, PA to learn more about efficiency ratings.

If you are thinking of breaking ground for a new commercial space, then be sure to have a proactive plan ahead. Our professionals at D&D Heating and Cooling can help you in the HVAC design and building process to achieve customized comfort solutions for your commercial building.

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