What is the Proper HVAC System Size for Your Home?

What is the Proper HVAC System Size for Your Home?

Many homeowners believe that the bigger the HVAC system, the better it can perform its job. But that’s not always the case. A bigger furnace or air conditioner can provide too much heat and cold that can compromise your comfort. What’s worse, it could cause your monthly electric bills to increase drastically, breaking your bank in the long run.

Now, what’s the HVAC system size that best suits your specific home heating and cooling needs? This comprehensive guide will help make your selection process more convenient and less stressful!

Dangers of Investing in the Wrong HVAC System Size

Apart from higher electricity bills and your discomfort, having a furnace or air conditioning unit that’s the wrong size can result in other troubles in your home including:

Poor Indoor Air Quality

One of the main functions of your HVAC system is to circulate and filter indoor air. Unfortunately, an oversized unit will push more air around than your living space can comfortably handle.

This can cause the warm or cold air to mix together, creating uncomfortable humidity levels and temperature inconsistencies. Not to mention, the extra airflow will suck up more dust and allergens, leading to poor indoor air quality.

Short Cycling

If your A/C is too small, it will have a hard time cooling down your home when it’s hot outside, likely causing your unit to turn on and off more frequently – also known as short cycling – which can lead to premature wear and tear on your air conditioner, and the use of more electricity in the long run.


Installing a furnace that’s too large for your space will heat your home too quickly leading to overheating that could damage your furnace, increase your energy bills, and maybe even create a fire hazard.

Reduced Lifespan

Investing in the wrong HVAC system size not only makes it less efficient but will also reduce its lifespan. So, extend the longevity of your furnace or air conditioner for many years, and make sure to get the right size unit.

Void Warranty

Manufacturers may void your HVAC’s warranty if it’s not appropriately sized for your home. Without your system’s warranty, you could spend more in the long run on unexpected repairs or replacements.

How to Determine the Proper HVAC System Size?

Choosing the right HVAC size for your space requires considering several factors. If you’re a newbie, we know it can be frustrating so here are a few steps you may find helpful…

Mistakes to Avoid When Shopping for HVAC System Size

As a homeowner, you want to be sure you’re making the right decision when it comes to choosing your HVAC system but with so many options, it can be easy to overlook something important. Here are some mistakes you should avoid:

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